Committee Member Self nomination form

Before completing the form below, please confirm that the following statements apply to you:

 I am a member of the charity (you are a member if you have registered your child to attend in the next school year).

 I am 18 years or over

 I am capable of managing my own affairs.

 I am prepared to act in the best interests of the charity.

 I do not have an unspent conviction involving dishonesty or deception.

 I am not an undischarged bankrupt.

 I have not been removed from being a trustee because of misconduct.

 I am not disqualified from being a company director.

 I am not included on a barred list of individuals who are unsuitable to work with children and I understand I will need to submit to Ofsted checks, including an enhanced criminal records disclosure, to determine my suitability.

Thanks for your support! Please follow the instruction on the Committee Flowchart on the Committee information page and start your application process!

Please go to the Committee Information page and follow the flow chart to begin your application process for Ofsted.